Outdoor Education Jobs: Combining Health and Happiness

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Outdoor education jobs are developing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Flexible working hours, built-in access to physical activity, and plenty of fresh air are just some of the advantages that tempt thousands of people every year.  

While some choose to work full time outdoors, outdoor jobs are also very popular with students looking to supplement their education with flexible weekend and holiday work. As they often come without the extensive teaching qualification requirements and as a way for outdoor lovers to enjoy the additional, flexible job that gives them the way to the outdoors they crave.

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These are just some of the analyses of why choosing an outdoor job could help improve your health and happiness:

1. Flexible working hours 

Outdoor jobs are usually seasonal, weekend work, or take place throughout school hours. So if the 9-5 isn’t for you, or if you’re juggling roles, perhaps working around childcare, or looking for something to fit around school or university hours, you’re more likely to find outdoor work to do around your available time.

2. Opportunity to teach

Those who choose to teach or enjoy serving with children don’t necessarily feel the school environment suits them. Either doesn’t have or is working towards teaching. An outdoor education role provides a learning/coaching opportunity in a more flexible, less restrictive environment.

3. The joy of the great outdoors

The benefits of spending time outdoors on the body and mind are comprehensively documented. The therapeutic capabilities of time spent outdoors breathing in the fresh air and spending time off from technology and the restrictive scope of the indoors is why outdoor education is considered an integral part of the learning curriculum across all generations. Having an unfettered path to the great outdoors as part of your day-to-day job is a different and rare resource!

4. Physical exercise

Outdoor education work manages to be physically demanding. Whether it’s training a sport or outdoor adventure pursuit, or other manual outdoor work, the physical advantages of keeping active and mobile are far-reaching and long-term.

What to do in the job?

While some roles will need experience or qualifications, many give on-the-job training, focusing instead on getting someone with the right mindset and willingness to study. Of course, any job managing children will need you to undergo a DBS analysis, which your employer will frequently arrange.

Forest Schools Practitioner – The Forest Schools program is being embraced by more and more schools around the UK, so Forest Schools practitioners are in high need. Some training/qualifications will be needed, although some employers may implement this.

Bushcraft instructor – Bear Grylls has made survival skills cool for kids and adults nationally, and this sector in education and beyond – into corporate hospitality and leisure pursuits – is prevalent. Courses are ready, and experience/qualifications will often be needed.

Outdoor activity instructor – outdoor centres and school trip providers like Wildchild often recruit team members to help deliver outdoor activities to children and run outdoor adventure programmes. On-the-job training is usually provided.

So, if you love being outdoors, enjoying spending time with children, being part of a great team, and looking for a flexible working option, an outdoor education job could be perfect for you! With plenty of entry-level positions with schools, activity centers, and children’s activity providers around the country, if you have a positive and hard-working attitude, you’re bound to find the perfect job to start your healthy and happy career in outdoor education.



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